First, I have to say, fox does not really leave. But if you are active on the Internet these days, you may have seen memes about Firefox logo.

And Mozilla made a post on its blog, saying that Remain Calm: the fox is still in the Firefox logo. But in the end, they also said this:

For our Firefox Nightly users out there, we’re bringing back a very special version of an older logo, as a treat. Stay tuned.

From Firefox Frontier

So, what's the treat? It seems that it has appeared...


From fox to dog, it is really a great change. It reminds me of a famous sentence, which is the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Firefox Nightly users can see and enjoy the latest Firedog logo in its latest version. The welcome page is here. Its archive is here.

And add some compliments for Mozilla Firefox in the end. After all, Mozilla is one of the only few software companies I really respect.

Such speed, much privacy, wow, very browser!

From Reddit user AimHrimKleem