Hide Trackers

Trackers help make websites better. However, some visitors tend to block trackers. Here are ways to hide trackers so that they cannot be easily blocked.

Almost all ad and tracker blockers use regular expression to filter ads and trackers. So, we need to change the URLs of trackers and change parameters in the URLs.

Give Matomo as an example. First, you should change the name of folder where Matomo is. Avoid direct names like matomo, which could make blockers find easily. You can use some common words, or just m. Also change the filename of used PHP or JS files. For example, change matomo.php to m.php and matomo.js to m.js.

Then change parameters of URLs. For example, Matomo's default tracking URL includes expression like ?action_name=, which is just in the EasyPrivacy list. Changing that to another expression, like ?the_action_name=, is simple but efficient. If you want to hide more deeply, just change that to common words. For example, ?apple= would never be thought as a tracker.

If you follow the steps above, your trackers may never be found or blocked. However, you still need to abide by the law, especially the GDPR. Make sure to anonymize data properly, delete expired data and destroy users' data when required.