RAR Usage

rar is a command tool for archiving and extracting RAR files. Its official website is here.


Archive $FILE to $FILE.rar:

rar a $FILE $FILE

Archive all files in current directory to $FILE.rar:

rar a $FILE *

Archive $FILE without compression:

rar a -m0 $FILE $FILE

Archive $FILE with 10% recover record:

rar a -rr10p $FILE $FILE

Archive $FOLDER and all its subdirectories to $FILE.rar:

rar a -r $FILE $FOLDER

Archive $FILE with password $PASSWORD:


If you want the metadata encrypted too, use -hp instead of -p.

Archive $FILE with split of 1 GiB:

rar a -v1g $FILE $FILE

Archive $FOLDER and all its subdirectories with split of 2 GB, 10% recover record and password $PASSWORD, which encrypts all contents:

rar a -r -rr10p -v2G -hp$PASSWORD $FOLDER $FOLDER

Note: G and g are different. G means 10003 bytes while g means 10243 bytes. The same is with M and m, K and k. Default unit is K.


Extract $FILE.rar to current directory:

rar x $FILE

Extract $FILE.rar with password $PASSWORD to directory $DIR:


You can see full usage from here.